What You Need to Comply, Submit RFPs, & Win Contracts with Bigger Clients

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Data Protection Plan

What You Need to Comply, Submit RFPs, & Win Contracts with Bigger Clients

If you don’t have a data protection plan today, you will tomorrow – without lifting a finger or spending any more money than what you see below.

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is the Overnight Answer to:

Confidently Answer & Complete IT Data Protection Requirements in RFPs and Security Questions from 3rd Parties

A Simple & Cost Effective Way to Avoid Costly Fines for Faulty Data Practices

Add Value & Differentiate Your Brand to Win Contracts with Larger Clients


Includes the Essentials to Establish a Data Protection Policy & Complete Your Proposal Fast!


A Written Data Protection Policy

Omnistruct Express has what you need to present your program professionally to prospects.

Our team works with you every step of the way to quickly assess your needs, create an action plan to get you into immediate compliance, and develop a written policy with the ongoing protective measures your clients expect. You’ll be able to submit your RFP or rock your presentation with confidence!

3rd Party Policy Verification & Oversight

With Omnistruct Express, you’ll be able to easily answer a client when they ask, “How do I know you can protect my private information?”

Omnistruct Express provides a verified stamp of approval for clients and monthly compliance oversight with every policy developed.

An Omnistruct Score and Policy will earn you massive credibility right from the start. Overnight, you will have an IT Data Protection Manager assigned to your account to ensure you keep up with required, ongoing compliance activities. You can also include it in your RFP submissions.


Ongoing Compliance Training & Support

After winning the contract, all you need to do is focus on running your business.

Omnistruct will handle everything to keep you in compliance.

Your clients are required to prove compliance routinely throughout the year or in emergency situations. Our Data Protection & IT Compliance Experts have you covered. We provide regular monthly updates & compliance reminders with unlimited phone/email support to ensure your policy & practices always remain in compliance.

FREE Omnistruct Data Protection Score

We offer a free, quick online assessment that provides an instant data protection score that experts trust.

Omnistruct is like the D&B of Data Security. Your score matters. We encourage you to take our FREE online assessment to determine your score now. Our paid Omnistruct Express Services will develop a Data Protection Action Plan and Policy that gives your clients the confidence that their data is protected. Find out how safe (or vulnerable…) your client’s data is now by clicking the button below.


Data Breach Crisis Insurance

Don't let a data security breach put you out of business!

Data Breach Crisis Insurance can protect you for up to $100,000 in damages incurred by a data breach. (Which, for most cases, run $250 per exposed private record.) Data Protection is serious and could be the difference in landing the client & remaining in business in the future.

Data Breach Crisis Insurance is available to Omnistruct Deluxe Express and Premium Express customers only. When you sign up for Premium Express, you also get access to live phone support from your assigned Compliance Engineer. Click the button below to view other premium benefits.

Omnistruct Express Pricing

Determine Where You Are Now with the Trusted Data Protection Experts

$0 / month

  • Omnistruct Protection Score
    Instantly know where you stand and what’s needed to get into compliance to win bigger clients.
  • Access FREE Data Compliance Tools
    We provide FREE tools and templates to help you develop action plans & ongoing practices to prove data compliance. Note: Most require a certified 3rd party security & IT professional to verify and oversee their data practices to win contracts.

Receive Basic Cyber Security Support, Oversight, & Training to Keep You & Your Clients Protected

$99 / month

  • Up to 10 Users
    Provide access for up to 10 members of your team.
  • A Written Data Protection Policy
    To include in RFPs, Proposals, & Sales Presentations
  • 3rd Party Policy Verification & Oversight
    Let your prospects know that you take data protection seriously!
  • Ongoing Compliance Training & Support
    Monthly & annual reviews to support regular compliance checks your clients are asked to perform routinely.
  • Unlimited Email Support
    For help completing compliance-related sections of your RFPs or sales presentations, plus any questions your clients may have!

Everything You Need to Establish Your Data Protection Policy & Win Bigger Contracts!

$198 / month

  • Dark Web Monitoring
    Proactively monitor your domain information on the dark web and receive notifications if your data has been compromised.
  • Cyber Breach Crisis Insurance
    Don’t let a data security breach put you out of business! (Limit of $100k in damages)

Give Yourself & Your Clients Peace of Mind with Maximum Support from Cyber Security Experts

$2,500 / month

  • Unlimited Users
    Allow full access to your team and never worry about hitting a user limit.
  • Phone Support
    Schedule live support calls to help you with questions or guidance in preparing your biggest RFP submissions or sales presentations.
  • Quarterly Incident Response Team Meetings
    Know that your team is always up-to-date on the latest incident response measures.

Our Guarantee

The Premium Express package includes everything you need to comply with data security requirements that meet the NIST.IR 7621 guidelines. If it doesn't, we will help produce what is needed to complete your proposal FREE- so you can win bigger business!

Still have questions? Need other NIST help? Call us now!