A business takes years to build, but one hack can wipe it out.

There are millions of attacks that happen every day targeting small businesses like yours. The common threats to your business are:

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Stolen Credentials
  • Stolen Credit Cards
  • Employee Mistakes (Social Engineering Fraud)

It only takes one email or employee mistake to cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Increase customer trust by implementing a cybersecurity program. Omnistruct Express is here to get you covered! 

Find out more about business cybersecurity.

Learn the business cybersecurity facts and to make sure you adopt the cybersecurity basics that most small businesses are missing.

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Why Do Small Businesses Need Cyber Insurance?

For some hackers, your small business is an ideal target. Technology is no longer enough to protect you. With Omnistruct, when hackers succeed our cyber "airbag" deploys. 


Is your business missing these 3 critical cybersecurity essentials?

Written Information Security Policy

$100k CyberSecurity Insurance

Required Employee CyberSecurity Training

Businesses like yours are already at greater risk!

Aimed specifically at small business
Are barely prepared for aftermath of a hack
Go out of business due to breach
Of ransomware victims had antivirus
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How much will a cybersecurity breach cost you?

  • Increased likelihood of ransomware (avg event $100K+)
  • Higher exposure to business email compromise (avg event $24K)
  • Greater chance of stolen identity/impersonation (avg breach costs $200K)
  • Greater risk of bank theft (e-Theft – covered up to $100K)

Why Omnistruct Express?

The secret is in the "blue print" used for your security program.  Our service is powered by new US guidelines in cybersecurity designed by NIST and recommended by privacy attorneys.  When weaved together with our compliance desk staffed by military veterans with legal and technical backgrounds, we deliver affordable cyber Governance as a Service (Gaas) for micro businesses that deploys like an airbag if hackers succeed.

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Features and Benefits of Omnistruct Express Class

What is your peace of mind worth?


Starting at $198 Per Month
  • $100k cyberinsurance policy
  • CyberSecurity Awareness Training (10 users included)
  • Written Information Security Policy
  • Single Domain Dark Web Monitoring
  • Unlimited Web-based Compliance Desk Support


Starting at $198 Per Month
  • 24 hour protection for peace of mind
  • Coverage for employee cybersecurity mistakes
  • Reduced risk for you and your employees with awareness training
  • Helps meet requirements of regulations to have a security program

Learn why hundreds of business owners rely on Omnistruct.

What makes Omnistruct so attractive is its ability to reliably deliver peace of mind when it comes to cybersecurity.

— Dutch Holmes

The yearly expense is far lower than our past protection strategy for much better coverage!

— Sarah

I own a dental practice and one of my employees clicked a malicious link. Even though we had Anti-virus software, my entire computer system got ransomware. Even worse it was on a computer with protected health information of my 3780 patients. In addition to paying the ransom, I incurred the following expenses: IT services, legal services, breach notification expenses, identity restoration, credit monitoring, and public relations expenses totaling over $49K. Thank you Omnistruct for the excellent insurance!

— Allan

The CyberSecurity Awareness Training is top-notch! When my employee found a USB stick they actually asked for our IT person to check it.  Good thing they did as it was meant to steal our customer data!

— Vince Holland

I was a little worried about purchasing protection over the web, yet Omnistruct has been extraordinary. In the event that I have any inquiries, I submit my questions via the site and I get a real response from a real person. I am very happy I picked Omnistruct.

— Michael

Omnistructs insurance saved me $50,888! I run a restaurant and we know that credit cards are the preferred way for people to pay.  MasterCard notified me of a breach due to a high level of fraud on my customers' cards. I had to go through a forensic exam that totaled $11,646.  Six months later, MasterCard fined me an additional $26,242 for Fraud recovery and a case management fee of $8000. 2 months later and Visa assessed a non-compliance fee of $5,000.

— David

I was traveling for work when my laptop got stolen. Not only was I out the laptop but it had sensitive client information. It was password protected but it wasn't encrypted. That allowed the thief to get into my computer and contacting my customers. It cost over $20,000 in forensics and notification expenses. My business wouldn't have made it if I didn't have Omnistruct.

— Andrew
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